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· CPU Cooler
· Hard Drive Cooler
· Memory Cooler

Case Fan
· 60mm Fan
· 70mm Fan
· 80mm Fan
· 90mm Fan
· 120mm Fan
· 140mm Fan
· LED Fan
· Slot Fan
· Silent Fan

· 2.5” External Enclosure
· 3.5” External Enclosure
· Docking Station
· Mobile Rack

Add on Card
· PCI I/O Controller Card
· PCI Express I/O Control Card
· PCMCIA & Express Card

Magic Speaker

· Adapter / Converter Card
· Fan Filter
· Fan Guard
· HDMI Cable
· HDMI Switch
· HDMI Splitter
· Magic Speaker
· Screws
· Thermal Grease

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How long is the warranty?  
1. CPU cooler and system cooling fan products are warranted
    for One (1) year.  
2. External Enclosure products are warranted for One (1) year.
3. Add on Card products are warranted for One (1) year.
4. Computer peripheral products are warranted for One (1) year.
5. Media Payer products are warranted for One (1) year.
What does warranty cover?  
Fanner Tech USA Corp. warrants its products to be from defects in
material during the warranty period. If a product proves to be defective
in material during the warranty period, Fanner Tech USA Corp. will
repair or replace the product with a similar product. Replacement
Product or parts may include remanufactured or refurbished parts or
components. The replacement unit or component will be covered by
the balance of the time remaining on the customer’s original limited
warranty. Fanner Tech USA Corp. doesn’t provide warranty for the
third-party software that included with the product or installed by
What the warranty does not cover?   
Damage, deterioration or malfunction resulting from:  
1. Acts of nature, accident, neglect, misuse, water, fire, lightning,
    unauthorized product modification, or failure to follow instructions
    supplied with the product.   
2. inspection finds that product has been abused or altered without
3. Any other cause which does not relate to a product defect.





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